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Smart Solenoids

Solenoid Systems leverages the Internet of Things (IOT) and connective technologies to produce smart solenoids, valves and solenoid systems. Our innovative solutions:

  • Provide predictive/preventative failure analysis
  • Deliver visibility into real-world conditions
  • Improve optimization and future product designs

Smart Solenoid Systems

Solenoid Systems taps into IOT and connected technologies to develop smart solenoids, valves and solenoid systems. The Internet of Things is a network of devices or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to the cloud. These connected devices collect and exchange data that companies can store and analyze to improve product functionality, performance, and predict or prevent failures.

Our Process

Our Virtual Development Platform can simulate real-world inputs from connected and onboard sensors to develop a “Digital Twin” of the device, then generates analytics and algorithms to create a smart device.

Consulting Services

Solenoid Systems provides design input and technical expertise to help companies develop smart solutions that deliver optimal performance for their devices.