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Manufacturing, Design, and Development

Custom Solenoids

Solenoid Systems develops custom solenoids and valves that perform better than off-the-shelf compromises. Our custom solenoids are already at work delivering precision control to water management systems, positioning satellite instrumentation in space, recirculating engine exhaust gas, modulating the flow of cryogenic gas, and driving new, advanced medical procedures, just to name a few. The applications are endless.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can have excellence. Custom solenoids offer a significant edge over standard solutions. We craft our products to deliver consistent, high-performance results, ensuring that your systems operate at peak efficiency. From conception to prototype to production, we are a U.S.-based company ready to innovate a customized solution for your application. Our team collaborates with you to understand your requirements, develop prototypes, and refine designs to perfection. We guarantee your solenoid valves will reliably and efficiently meet your needs.

Ready to improve your operations with custom solenoids? Reach out to Solenoid Systems for a consultation and discover how our innovative solutions can enhance your applications. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust us for unparalleled performance and reliability.

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Working Through Design and Development Process


Solenoid Systems acts as a partner to understand your needs and develop customized solutions for your applications. We leverage three decades of engineering talent, state-of-the-art tools and a history of results to develop custom solenoids, valves and solenoid systems.


Engineering Design


Solenoid Systems is a fully integrated engineering design and development resource that specializes in electromagnet devices. Our Virtual Development Platform, based on advanced simulation technologies and proven development processes, delivers highly engineered solutions.

Design & Development in Front of Computer

Design & Development

We do more than engineer solutions; we make sure they work. We solve design and development problems to bring your ideas to life. Solenoid Systems acts as an extension of your development team to create custom solenoids, solenoid valves and solenoid systems that meet the most demanding applications.

Manufacturing of Solenoids


Solenoid Systems leverages over 30 years of manufacturing experience in Coil Winding, Resistance Welding, Overmolding and Assembly Processes. Our U.S.-based facility supports low- to high-volume production, ranging from manual to highly automated processes.

Problem Solving Icon

Problem Solving

Ingenious solutions to electromagnetic design and engineering needs.

Engineering & Design Icon

Engineering & Design

Custom products engineered and designed to specific applications.

Creative Icon


Innovative solutions to solve common solenoid and valve problems.

Analysis Icon


Outcome analysis ensures solenoids and valves function as expected.

Prototype to Production Icon

Prototype to Production

Precision manufacturing of solenoids, valves and solenoid systems.