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Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis

Solenoid Systems builds and validates electromechanical prototypes and custom solenoid solutions with Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis. The analysis helps our engineers understand the field quantities inside a prototype to ensure successful prototyping without many manufacturing iterations. Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis identifies and helps solve:

  • Static problems
  • Frequency domain issues
  • Time variance problems
  • Dynamic problems

State-of-the-art Simulations

Fluid dynamics problems have become more complex as product designs and processes grow in sophistication and companies tighten product development schedules, requiring engineers to analyze problems quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

Our accurate and efficient analysis capabilities afford engineers time to explore design alternatives, build in product innovation and optimize solenoid systems and valve operation within our customers’ aggressive product development schedules.

Dynamic Simulations

Solenoid Systems performs Dynamic Simulations that consider the full electrical and mechanical transients to determine a solenoid’s response time and how fast the armature reaches the closed or open position. We use a voltage source or complicated external circuit, such as a custom peak and hold circuit, to conduct Dynamic Simulations.

Our engineers also factor nonlinear materials; eddy currents; and mechanical equations of motion, including damping, vibration and load forces, into dynamic simulations, as all can be a function of position, speed or time.

Multi Physics Solution

Other external forces, such as fluid, thermal and mechanical, can affect solenoid, solenoid valve or solenoid system performance. Solenoid Systems avoids problems with external forces with a Multi Physics Solution. We couple other Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mechanical and Thermal Analysis, with Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis to develop a robust Multi Physics Solution that simultaneously accounts for all external forces.

Consulting Services and Project Assessments

Solenoid Systems can provide design input, technical expertise, and gauges efficiency for optimal performance. The ability to couple electronic circuits and external loads to the electromagnetic analysis lets our engineers simulate the solenoid in its application, allowing us to create and validate a virtual prototype that meets customer specifications. Once we have a virtual prototype, we can manufacture a physical prototype with a high confidence of success to eliminate costly iterations.