Press release: Solenoid Systems Sponsoring the Washington Hyperloop Team

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Solenoid Systems, a custom solenoid manufacturer based in Wisconsin, is renowned around the world for its one-of-a-kind “Virtual Development Platform,” meeting the needs of today’s tech-savvy engineers. As the company continues to expand its presence in the United States, Solenoid Systems is also making its presence known in the upcoming SpaceX competition highlighting the future of transportation.

On July 22, 2018, Elon Musk’s company—SpaceX—is hosting the Official SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, and Solenoid Systems is proud to announce its role as a sponsor of the “Washington Hyperloop” team from the University of Washington in Seattle.

The small battery-powered prototype, created by the team, will be able to travel around 100 mph. But if it was fully built out into an actual hyperloop pod, speeds could reach around 700 mph in a tube.

“We projected that you could get from Seattle to Portland in 15 minutes, and San Francisco to LA in 30 minutes,” said Luke Marcoe, Marketing & PR lead for the Washington Hyperloop team.

“For years, Solenoid Systems has pushed the envelope and been on the cutting edge of solenoid technology used around the globe for personal transportation. Now, we’re bringing that same innovative spirit to the mass transit market. That’s why we were thrilled at the opportunity to be able to sponsor this team of amazing young people from Washington in this totally new kind of competition. We wish Washington Hyperloop team the very best of luck in the upcoming competition, and look forward to congratulating them on their success,” said Jeff Rogala, President of Solenoid Systems.

“Design is a key element to our success at Solenoid Systems, it’s something we care about deeply and passionately. A visit to our manufacturing location, or a drive in one of the cars using our solenoids, always reinforces this principle. The Washington Hyperloop team is going to be successful largely because they’ve put the same passion and thought into designing their Hyperloop pod. We’re thrilled to be able to bolster their effort, and delighted that the Solenoid Systems brand is associated with such an incredible venture,” said Jeff Rogala, President of Solenoid Systems.

About Washington Hyperloop

The team consists of 32 students from the Pacific Northwest who are enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle, master’s, and bachelor’s programs, including physics, engineering, and computer science.

The team’s website, with details on their Pod, can be seen here:

The SpaceX HyperPod website can be seen here:


About Solenoid Systems:

Solenoid Systems has its registered headquarters in Delafield, Wisconsin and is a leading international provider of high-quality custom solenoids for business and corporate customers. With projects in over 12 countries worldwide Solenoid Systems is continually expanding its global presence. The Company’s strengths lie in the high proportion of unique custom solenoids, its employees’ consistent service orientation and a good price-performance ratio. Together these strengths have given the Company an excellent market position. Solenoid Systems was founded in 2015 and maintains alliances with renowned brands in the automotive industry, well-known airlines and numerous prominent service providers in the manufacturing sector. Learn more at

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