Solenoid Engineering

Solenoid Systems is a fully integrated engineering Design and Development resource specializing in electromagnetic devices such as Solenoids, Solenoid Valves (Hydraulic and Pneumatic) and Solenoid Systems (Solenoids, Valves, Sensors, Electronics, Manifolds).

Our Expertise is in:

We provide our customers a turnkey solution from concept thru production.

Engineering Consulting Services

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As experienced engineers and consultants, we are a valuable resource for our clients. They rely on us for design input, technical expertise, efficiency, and optimal performance.

Why Choose Solenoid Systems

It all begins with our Engineering Capabilities.

Solenoid Systems is Analysis Focused, transforming Requirements into Designs.

Our  Virtual Development Platform  is based on advanced simulation technologies and proven development proceses, providing our Customers a highly engineered solution with reduced development cycles, improved system performance and reductions in costly hardware iterations.

We specialize in custom solenoids and will create an entirely new product to meet your most demanding application.

Each and every Project is collaboratively managed through a custom, online, secure dedicated Project Portal that keeps all team members informed with dashboards and provides a central communication for documents and change management.

About Solenoids

Solenoids are used in many ways and have different structure and characteristics. We can describe a solenoid as an electromagnet or device that produce some kind of movement (linear or rotary). Simple solenoids are built of magnetic coil that cause, when current is applied, to a steel arm to move from it’s initial position.

Electromagnetic solenoids are used in many applications. You will find them in door locks, water-pressure valves, robotics systems, MRI machines, hard disk drives, speakers, microphones, power plants, and cars. These are just examples.