Internet of Things

Smart Solenoid Devices and IOT

The Internet of Things(IOT) is  the network of devices or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity to the “cloud”, enabling these devices to collect and exchange data which can be stored or analyzed to provide dramatic improvements in product functionality, performance and even predict or prevent failures.

Solenoid Systems Virtual Development Platform can simulate real world inputs from connected and on-board sensors into the “Digital Twin” of the device and create the analytics and algorithms  to make the device SMART.

As sensors, wireless communication and data mining become more and more economical, the number of connected devices will increase exponentially over the next decade.

Solenoid Systems believes that the Internet of Things and connectivity can benefit products such as Solenoids, Solenoid Valves and Solenoid Systems by providing value through:

  • Predictive/Preventative Failure Analysis
  • Visibilities into real world conditions and usage that will allow optimization and improved designs of future products.

Solenoid Solutions is currently developing a Smart Solenoid! Check back later for updates and more details on our progress!

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