Manufacturing Process Design

Solenoid Process Design

Humans are highly intelligent and capable of extraordinary physical and mental activities, but consistent, highly repetitive and repeatable tasks are not one of them. So, Whether it is a simple low volume operator fed system or a complex, automated high volume assembly, Solenoid Systems designs a quality manufacturing process design with automated quality controls, detections and error proofing.

We have developed processes and end of line tests that are tailored for Solenoid assemblies such as:

  • Helium and Pressure Decay Leak Testing
  • Solenoid Force Testing with Signature Analysis
  • Response Time Testing with Signature Analysis
  • Magnet Wire termination (Resistance Welding and Solder)
  • Laser Welding, for joining and hermetic seals
  • Press Fit with active monitoring
  • Crimping and Staking with active monitoring

Manufacturing Consulting Services

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